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The advantage of 360 degree R7S without cover.


 Since our LED R7S 360degree lanuch in the market for someday. it was very popular among customers.

And also we also see another similar model as ours, but it was PC cover.

For this suitation, we advise our sensior enginere, and we also test the R7S with PC cover tempreture and withou PC cover R7S tempreture.

The tempreture with PC cover is more than 10-20 degree higher than without PC cover.

The R7S was mail to use the hologen lamp in flood light with IP65. the flood light is totally not with air inside. and with cover pc. it mean it has three cover to protect the lamp. and the heat can not go away. very dangarous for the lifespan for R7S led lamp.

And for TIANCI 360degree R7S LED, we are the first one factory to produce the lamp.

For this lamp, we add the small holes at the end of R7S led for heat dissipation.



Other 360degree R7S in the market has no holes or only with small hole. so the heat dissipation is not enought for the lamp.

QQ截图20150405190040 this lamp with cover and only 4 small holes.

And another in the market is no holes.

So that are three model in the market.

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